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Without this machine the EVM machine does not work ... what is the machine

Without this machine the EVM machine does not work ... what is the machine

  • This machine maintains reliability in people in elections
  • Voters can see the Voters after voting
  • Bina is the waste of this machine EVM machine

New Delhi: EVM machine is being used in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, but there are some issues related to elections that you may not have known about. One of them is VVPET, a Voter Variable Paper Audit (odit) trail machine. This machine is being used to maintain the integrity of the people.

This VVPet machine registers the voting unit, as well as maintains the reliability of the EVM machine. This is why the EVM machine is considered incomplete without it. So let's tell you what VVPET is and how it is used.

How VVPet Machine Works

EVM machine is attached to VVPET (Voter Variable Paper Audit Trail) machine. The voting voter presses the button next to the name of the person, in which the blue button is pressed, after VVPAT can see who can vote for seven seconds.

The visual watcher who sees the slip falls into a sealed box which is not given to the voter. On this slip, the name of the candidate, election symbol and party name is given, which voters vote on EVM. If you have a VVPAT with EVM at your polling station then after Voting Vote, you can see on VVPAT whether your vote was according to you or not.

How is VVPAT used?

In the Lok Sabha elections, there was matching of slips on 1st booth of every assembly constituency. But when 21 opposition parties filed their petition, they demanded to match 50% EVMs and VVPATs.