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MP Police and CRPF Jawan Attacked on income tax Raids; Kamal Nath and Shivraj face-off

MP police and CRPF jawan attacked on income tax raids; Kamal Nath and Shivraj face-off

Kamal Nath said - action taken by fear of defeat
Shivraj Boley - The result of 100 days work
M.P. Police and CRPF face opposite Ashwini Sharma
Three IPS documents were found in Praveen Kakkad's house
Bags filled with crores of rupees from Prateek Joshi's house
Several documents of the transaction also recovered
From CM's Personal Advisor to Action on OSD and Neighborhood Locations
Ritul Puri is the owner of the country's big power company
500 rupees notes in large quantities

Ashwani Sharma said - I am a BJP man
FIR has been lodged against Ashwini Sharma
Bhopal. After the action of the Income Tax Department in Madhya Pradesh, MP Police and CRPF have come face to face in the evening. Meanwhile, CRPF jawans have also had a clash with the MP Police. The strike in Bhopal is intact and additional CRPF force has been called. At the same time, the CRPF has returned SSP Ruchivardhan Mishra from the gate in Indore. He reached the house of CM Kamal Nath's OSD Praveen Kakkad where the IT action is going on.

Ashwani Sharma's house fires out
After the action of the Income Tax Department, MP Police and CRPF have come face to face with Ashwini Sharma in Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, CRPF jawans also got a clash with the MP Police. At the same time, the CRPF also informed the MP police to stop them from going in. Here, the MP Police has surrounded Ashwini Sharma's house. This led to a fierce uproar outside Ashwani Sharma's house. According to the information coming up, there has been a sharp debate between the MP Police and the CRPF jawans. Actually Ashwani Sharma wants to take IT team to Delhi, but according to sources, Madhya Pradesh police is not ready with it. Due to this, MP police surrounded Ashwini Sharma's house all around.

CRPF summons and jawans
Right now, CRPF has also called the team from the headquarters in view of the action taken by the MP Police. Even in Indore, the MP Police was stopped outside Kakad's house, where the SSP's CRPF officer was debated. Here the CRPF says that the MP Police is not allowing us to do our work. According to sources, the MP police does not want to take Ashwini to Delhi. Due to this, the Map Police has camped on raids.

What said the CRPF official
CRPF officer Pradeep Kumar said: "Madhya Pradesh Police is not allowing us to work, they are giving abuses on us. We are only following the orders of our senior citizens. Seniors told us not to let anyone in. The proceedings are on, so we are not letting anyone in. Only your duty is playing.

What said the Madhya Pradesh Police
City SP Bhopal Bhupinder Singh said that we do not have any involvement with the raids of the Income Tax Department. This is a residential complex, inside there are people who need medical assistance. Those people are calling local SHOs for help. But due to the raid, the income tax department has closed the entire premises.

BJP is afraid of defeat in the Lok Sabha, therefore the action taken: Kamal Nath
On the action, CM Kamal Nath said: "The whole situation of the income tax department's impressions has not yet been made clear. Only after all the situation is clear, it is appropriate to say something on this. But the whole country knows about the kind of constitutional institutions and how they are being used against them. These people have been doing the last 5 years. Use them to scare away. When they do not have to say anything on their development, to say anything on their own work, then they adopt such tactics against the opponents.

BJP is afraid of losing
Kamal Nath said: In the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, BJP has started to face its defeat, then such kind of action has been deliberately taken to take advantage in the elections. In the last assembly elections, he adopted similar tactics. Many political parties and many states have witnessed the handcuffs adopted by them in the last 5 years. We were also ready for this. There is a fair investigation of everything. We do not make any difference with this kind of handicap. From these incidents, our steps will not stop on the path of development. The people of the state know the truth.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan
On income tax impressions, former CM Shivraj Singh said: Corruption was to be exposed. After all, after getting the code of conduct, the police went on the instructions of the police station. Congress created conditions like West Bengal in Madhya Pradesh. There is a crisis situation in Madhya Pradesh. MP Police is trying to stop the action of income tax. This is the result of what happened in 100 days. The spirit of the constitution is being demolished. Reacting on the statement of CM Kamal Nath, Shivraj Singh said, "When it is not wrong then what is the fear?"

Action started from 3 a.m.
At 3 a.m. on Sunday, the Income Tax Department took major action against many people related to Kamal Nath including private secretary of Madhya Pradesh and former police officer Praveen Karkar. The action of the income tax department is going on in more than 50 locations across the country. It is being said that this action involves more than 300 officials of the Income Tax Department. These actions, along with Praveen Kakadar, were made on the bases of Ratul Puri, the symbol Joshi and the CM Kamal Nath.

Enforcement Directorate has also been questioned by nephew
Before that, the Enforcement Directorate has also been interrogated by Kamal Nath's nephew and has now been raided at his OSD house. Significantly, before this Kankar is considered close to Congress leader and former Union Minister Kantilal Bhuria. At the same time, RK Miglani has been associated with Kamal Nath for 30 years and is his adviser. The Income Tax Department has taken action on the Delhi position of RK Miglani. According to sources in the income tax department, the team of 300 officials of the Income Tax department is conducting raids on 50 locations across the country. Action has also been taken on the raids in Amira Group and Moser Baer. The Income Tax Department has raided 35 locations in Delhi besides Bhopal, Indore, Goa. In Bhopal, a heavy bag of bags was recovered from Pratik Joshi here.

Documents of investigation from three IPS officers
In the action of the Income Tax Department, there were several documents with three IPS officers. The documents which have been received by the Income Tax Department include names of many close relatives of Chief Minister. On the other hand, sources say that Ashwani Sharma will be booked on property and tax evasion of property over income.
Also took help of CRPF
According to income tax sources, information regarding action was not given to the income tax officers of Madhya Pradesh. The Delhi team did not even get help from the Madhya Pradesh police. For the first time the CRPF was involved in the raiding operation. At the same time, the Delhi team did not even get help from Madhya Pradesh police. For the first time, the CRPF jawans were involved in the raiding operation. Sources said that 150 CRPF jawans had reached Madhya Pradesh from Delhi on Saturday. On Saturday, when a company of 150 CRPF jawans was going from Delhi to Madhya Pradesh, the intelligence officers of the state were getting indications, but they did not know that the biggest action was being taken against Chief Minister Kamal Nath and the closest allies.
RK Magnani's house also raid
Kamal Nath is very close and his personal adviser (he has responsibility for his business and political affairs) RK Miglani's Delhi-based residence has also been raided. According to information, RK reached the residence of Miglani in Delhi early in the morning and reached the team of Income Tax Department and started guerrilla proceedings. The disclosure of crores rupees can be revealed in this raid. Although no official confirmation has been made so far.
Kamal Nath's nephew stuck in money laundering case
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath is stranded in Bhanje Ratul Puri Money Laundering case. Ratul Puri's name was hidden during Rajiv Saxena's interrogation. Rajiv Saxena was extradited from Dubai in Augusta Westland helicopter deal case.

Many investigations are going on against Praveen
According to the information, there were several investigations against Praveen Kakad during the service. For this reason, a separate team of the Income Tax Department conducted raids in his house at Vijay Nagar, Indore on Sunday morning. There has not been much information in this case yet. The raiding operation is currently underway.

This is Kakad's Profile
- MA (Gold Medalist) in Economics from Jivaji University
- Madhya Pradesh has been an officer in the police. TI on Bhanwarkuan police station in Indore.
- During the police service, he also got the Presidential Medal.
- In 2004, leaving the job became the OSD of Union Minister Kantilal Bhuria.
- From 2004 to 2011, Bhuria worked as a special duties officer
- Bharia took charge of election management on becoming president of Congress in 2011
- 2015 Jhabua Lok Sabha by-election to win Bhuria
- Wife Sadhana Kakad Director Indore based Sharad Builders
- Son of Salil Kakad with Malva Breiv and Alcohol, also known to Pinakal Breweries and Distillery.
- Salil Fertilizer Company is a director with the son of Bhuria in Penco Enterprises.
- Kakad family's base camping is BCM Heights Building.
Jalsa is also a Salil director in the Bencket Hall.
Kailash Vijayvargiya Kansa Dang
The BJP general secretary has attacked the Congress after this action. He tweeted: "The black money of millions of rupees was recovered in the raids by the Income Tax Department from the residence of the private secretary of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, it became clear that the thief who is a thief has a complaint with the watchman.

IT team reached for action like this
According to the information, 50 officials of the Income Tax Department team arrived from 5 traveler, one Innova and one of the boulevards. The officials went to Devas from the airport late night to sit in these vehicles. From there, the CRPF personnel arrived at Bhopal from 2 am to 3 pm. After which two vehicles turned towards Shyamala Hills. 5 reached Platinum Plaza and then from there the vehicle number 6 reached the Makana colony.

CMD was made OSD
As Kamal Nath CM became Bhupendra Gupta became OSD, who was recently removed by Praveen Kakkar as OSD.Kakad was an officer in Madhya Pradesh police. Kakad had taken VRS. He is considered close to Jhabua MP and former Congress President Kantilal Bhuria. Kakad was awarded the President's Medal for the meritorious services. Kakad has also served as the special dutiful officer of the Union Cabinet Minister in the Government of India from 2004 to 2011.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath's OSD, Praveen Kakkar is also the credible character of CM Kamal Nath with his style of functioning. CM Kamal Nath has entrusted him with the settlement of voluntary grant funds applications. All applications received by the Ministers, Congress offices, both the parties MPs, MLAs, and the amount of treating treatment amount sanctioned at other levels are sent to Kakkar for post-clearance approval.