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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Let's Know How BJP vs. Congress Declaration Key points of BJP's resolution letter

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Let's Know How BJP vs. Congress Declaration

Key points of BJP's resolution letter

- Our commitment to nationalism. Our policy against terrorism is of zero tolerance and will remain.

- Strictly curbing the illegal intrusion in India.

- We will implement the Citizenship Amendment Bill. But the cultural identity of any state will not let it fluctuate.

- Explore all the possibilities on Ram temple and will construct Ram temple as soon as possible in a cosmopolitan environment.

- Farmers' earnings doubled. Will do this in the next five years.

- For loans up to 1 lakh credit card, the interest will be zero for five years.

- Rs 25 lakh crore will be spent in the development of rural areas.

Under the Kisan Mahan Nidha, farmers having less than 2 hectare land are given annual income of Rs 6000. Now all - - Farmers will be given 6 thousand rupees annually.

- Provide pension to small and marginal farmers after the age of 60 years.

- The National Merchant Commission will create, which will worry the traders. Will solve their problems.

- The small shops of the country will also be able to provide pension after the age of 60.

- Develop all sections of society, so that the overall development of the country will be there.

- In case of development, eliminate regional imbalance. We have taken effective steps for this before.

- To discuss all the elections in the country together. Show commitment about this.

Key points of Congress manifesto-

Strict against Pakistan: Congress has also promised to adopt a tough stance against Pakistan. The party has said that in coming to power, to mobilize common man's countries to pressurize Pakistan. Will put pressure on Pakistan to bans terrorist activities and groups.

Law against mob killing: Congress has promised to promote animal welfare for the first time and strictly punish those who have cruelty with them in the manifesto. Political savvy party is joining this promise of the party with the cow. However, the party's stand on the frenzied crowd is strict. The Congress has promised that after coming to power, in the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha, the law will be passed by the mob frenzy to prevent and punish crimes such as arson and murder. On becoming a government, the party will pass laws in the first session of parliament against killing (lynching) and hate crimes by the crowd.

Big promises on security, military, urbanization

In its election manifesto, Congress has made many big promises related to security, military and urbanization etc. The party has promised free education in government schools till 12th, while talking about bringing tax in GST. At the same time, the promise of making a national election fund was finished by ending electoral bonds.

tax system
- GST-2.0 will bring. Taxes will be the same. Congress e-will end the bill Tax evasion will create a mechanism to catch up.

The technology
- Two percent of GDP on science and technology will be spent. .
Congress will recruit more scientists in all institutions of research and development.
- The vacancies of scientists and researchers will be filled in the next 12 months. .

- Under the protection of the institutions, the CBI will be made accountable to Parliament while reviving the ED.
- The construction will be expedited on border roads, especially on the Indo-China border.

- The total government expenditure on health facilities will be doubled by 2023-24. This will be 3% of GDP.

Congress will remove the ranks of a pension discrepancy.
- The policy of compensation for families of martyrs will be prepared.
- CAPF personnel will be given equal facility of armed forces.

- On the lines of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, other states will also be waived agricultural loan. .
- Agriculture loan is the case. Failure to repay the loan will not take criminal action against farmers.
- Farmer's market will be established in large villages and small towns.

Rural development
- MNREGA-3.0 will be launched This will be especially effective in tackling water security, soil quality and other problems faced by farmers.
- To give homeless and landless home, will be the "Right to a homeland" law.
- All villages having up to 250 population will be connected with the Prime Minister road project.

- State Governments will be given special assistance for the construction of new cities, sub-cities and towns.
- The right to housing for the urban poor will be ensured. .
- Will start slum development and improvement program.

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