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Due to heavy storms in the Godavad area, life is turbulent

Due to heavy storms in the Godavad area, life is turbulent

Desuri | Life in the Godavad area has become turbulent due to the storm in the evening.Trees fell from many places and the roof of the shop flew. At the same time, uncontrollable fire was extinguished in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary due to rain. The mood of the weather was impaired on Monday evening. The night was clouded by clouds, dust climbed in the sky, the weather was changing from Bundabudi. On Monday, there was dust in the sky throughout the day. Occasionally there was a bottleneck. But it started raining at 5 o'clock.

Weather arrived at 5 to 50 minutes in the evening. Strong winds
 In some places the trees fell and the shops and boards flew. The year-old Neem tree standing near the Mahadev Temple in Akhariya Chowk in Sadri collapsed. Due to the fall of this tree, the shelter of a dozen women selling fruits, clothes and household goods was snatched down. The temple remained safe despite the fall of the trees. In the same way, news of falling tree at several places including the nearby Muktidham of Sadri

Have met. There was heavy rain during the storm. Water has accumulated on the road. Hours after the storm stopped, people felt relieved. With rain, the people got rescued from heat. However, due to the hurricane, the lightning turned night was not even smooth. Hurricanes also affected the arrangements of large number of organized wedding events.
Here, this rain has also received pleasant news. Wild animals have received great relief in the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Uncontrollable fire in the mountains of Ranakpur for a week is extinguished by this rain. At the same time, drinking water in the ravens also provided drinking water to the wild animals.