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Deep Drinking water crisis in Sadri

Sadri | Women surrounded the office of Junkyard Department office

Despite adequate water in Ranakpur dam, drinking water crisis in Sadri has gone deeper. Due to the mis-management of the officers, people troubled by water shortage surrounded the water department on Friday. The women expressed their displeasure by breaking the mats.

Water Supply Department has kept drinking water safe in the Ranakpur dam to quench the thirst of the citizens. There is just 45 feet of water in the dam, which is able to quench the thirst of the villages and the surrounding rural areas, but despite its cry, there is no cry of water shortage in Sadri. As a result of this, the Bahri Dalis and the people of Bavi, who participated, came to the Water Supply Department under the leadership of the city Congress President Rakesh Mewada and the officers of the Junior Engineer office were encroached. The women expressed their resentment by breaking the mats. He warned the Water Supply Department and the district administration that if we did not make available pure drinking water in two days, we would have to compel the agitation. City Congress President Mewada said that Sadri Municipality had urged the Water Supply Department to shift the pipeline before making the road. At that time the officers did not pay attention. Now talking about breaking the main state road, which is not right. Waterways Department dug the pit on the road, on the pretext of fixing the pipeline, leaving the pit. People are getting bothered.

Never drinking water problem in Sadri, this time due to lack of management, deep crisis

Sadri has never been a problem of water. People believe that the situation of drinking water crisis has just happened. For this there is a shortage of management of the officers of the Water Supply Department. In the past, if the hydro projects under the Hooda scheme would have been linked to the pipeline and the three reservoirs constructed with Ranakpur and Nalwaniya dams, it would not be possible today. People said that Saadri's water tank is tied with a well and also a well connected tank with a well. Now due to the famine, the water in the wells is reduced, hence the drinking water crisis has arisen in the city.

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