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Chandigarh: Three live mortar near the airport, police sealed the area


Chandigarh: Three live mortar near the airport, police sealed the area

*Mortar found near the airport

*Police deny terror plot

*A few days ago, J & K found suspicious objects

New Delhi- The big news is coming from Punjab. Getting three dead mortars near the Chandigarh airport has created a sensation. After getting the information, the police has reached the spot and the investigation is going on. At the same time, the area has been sealed.

*Sensation by getting mortar
According to the information, on Saturday, three live mortars were found from Ram Darbar area near Chandigarh Airport. This news has created an uproar on the spot. The information was given to the police. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and took possession of the mortar. After this the whole area was sealed. At the same time, the police has called Air Force and Army experts on the mock to investigate. The police is trying to know how the mortar approached the airport and who brought it. The police has denied any terrorist plot. Scratching on the spot.

*Seal Sealed
Police say that from where the mortar is found, it is very close to the camp and the airport. Keeping the location in mind, the police is investigating every angle of the case. It is noteworthy that some days before the Jammu-Airport also the police had received some suspicious items, after which the stir was intensified.

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